Specialized Programs for Older Adults: Feel Younger, Improve Balance, Reduce Pain

TeamMates Fitness provides a safe and progressive exercise program designed around Pilates, personal training and/or Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching. After a health history review a customized exercise plan can be put in place so that each client receives a program to best suit their needs and goals. If you are a new exerciser, our trainers will ease you in to a workout so that you progress at your own level and feel confident about what you are doing. Regular exercise is especially important as we age. It can help increase strength and stamina, as well as reduce lower back, and knee pain and decrease the of arthritis.  Stay active and continue to to enjoy the activities that you love now.

Benefits of Exercise for the Older Adult:   

  • Increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve self-efficiency and maintain independence
  • Improves balance and reflexes to decrease risk of falls
  • Help prevent and regulate diabetes, and improve pulmonary function
  • Increase flexibility, joint range of motion, and functional movement
  • Strengthens cardio health, and improves circulation

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