Specialized Pilates and Personal Training
Programs Designed to Get Specific Results.

For equestrians

Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the core, elongating the spine and increasing flexibility which helps equestrians achieve a deeper more balanced seat, a supple lower back, and proper posture while riding. Adding Pilates to your fitness program will insure that you build strength, achieve symmetry, maintain flexibility and enhance your body awareness allowing you to work harmoniously with your horse. Gentle, yet effective Pilates is a perfect complementary exercise for any rider looking to enhance their riding skills and be comfortable before, during and after rides.

For expectant moms

For expectant moms personal training and/or Pilates is an excellent and safe form of exercise for a healthy pregnancy. It helps to strengthen your core muscles (the back and abdominals), and will improve upper body strength, making it easier for you to nurse, lift and carry your baby. Exercises are very adaptable, and can be modified as your body and ability changes.

For new moms

New mothers are anxious to get back in shape. Our programs give you a gentle way to ease back into an exercise routine, without overdoing it. A combination of personal training and/or Pilates will help restore abdominal strength and alleviate back pain, as well as get you back to feeling and looking like your old self!

For golfers

Hit the ball further and straighter, with reduced risk of injury and back pain. We focus on the primary muscles that golfers use. Personal training and/or Pilates for golf can improve the biomechanics needed for a great swing. You will see and feel recognizable results!

For tennis players

You will hit the ball with more accuracy and move around the court, with reduced risk of injury. Personal training and/or Pilates for tennis can improve the biomechanics needed for a great weight shift, stronger forehand and backhands. We can help to correct muscle imbalances and heal old injuries. You’ll feel lighter and more graceful on the court.


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