Personal Training: It’s All About You!

TeamMates Fitness instructors specialize in a unique form of exercise called “Functional Training.” This form of exercise trains multiple muscles at one time, therefore taking less time to train while burning more calories. A great way to lose body fat and gain muscle mass.

Our trainers use large physio balls, medicine balls, bands, core boards, free weights, cable machines, and their own creativity to challenge all your major muscle groups. Functional Training is a superior way to train because it keeps your heart rate up, making it a cardiovascular workout as well.

This type of training mimics the way your body moves in everyday life (standing, squatting, bending and moving side to side) and can help keep your muscles and joints injury-proof during sports. Functional Training is the perfect way to exercise if you would like to improve your golf or tennis game, change the shape of your body, or lose weight.

We can also incorporate traditional weight training using barbells, dumbbells and weight-plated cable machines to increase strength and muscle size. The use of treadmills and bikes improves cardiovascular conditioning for a healthy heart, and stretching enhances flexibility.

Reduce Body Fat!

Metabolic or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best methods for fat loss. Shorter, more intense intervals of exercise are followed by a short rest or lighter activity. You can increase your cardio function, muscle mass, strengthen, power, speed and aerobic activity, while melting the fat away. Interval training continues to burn calories and fat long after the training sessions ends—and that is something you won’t get from longer sessions of cardio. Maximum results in minimum time!

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