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Doing it Right: Post Thanksgiving Day Workout November 23, 2012

(NECN) — If you’re feeling guilty about all that food you ate on Thanksgiving and you’ve got too much shopping to get to the gym, we’ve got a workout you can do at home.

Get it done in just 10 minutes. NECN’s Bridget Blythe and Leanne Lalor of TeamMates Fitness show us how it’s done.

TeamMates Fitness 10 Minute Interval Workout:

After a warm up:
1.  Reverse lunges with bicep curls 10 reps
2.  Deadlifts with shoulder presses 10 reps
3.  Mountain Climbers 20 reps
4.  Jump Squats 10 reps
5.  Push ups 10 reps
6.  Bicycle 20 reps

Then, stretch and repeat this sequence 5 times for a 10 minute workout.