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Doing it Right: Couple’s workout February 27, 2013

(NECN) – We’re using the buddy system in our doing it right segment as we check out a workout that makes two better than one.

Is there safety in numbers when it comes to exercise? Well, 94-percent of people who worked out as a couple are more likely to continue.

Leanne created a workout for herself and her husband, who is a former professional hockey player who’s won the Stanley Cup!

Couples Workout:
• Rotations with Bands – 12-15 reps on each side, do three sets
• Cable Rows with Squats – 12-15 reps, do three sets
• Push Ups with Ball Roll – do as many as you can, modify with knee push up if needed
• Sit Ups with Ball Toss – do as many as you can
If doing exercises isn’t your thing, what are other fitness activities you could do with your partner?

Outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and rock wall climbing.

Watch the above video to see the workout.