Corporate Fitness Lectures

Leanne and Mike Lalor team up deliver motivational, fitness lectures on “How to Make Living a Healthy Lifestyle a Daily Habit”. Throughout their long careers they have found that most people are focused on working hard to become financially fit, leaving little time for their health and fitness. Mike and Leanne believe taking a small amount of time to learning and creating daily healthy habits help reap immediate benefits in handling stress, as well as prepare for retirement when they’ll have the time and money for travel and recreation. A perfect topic for any corporate conference.

Together, the Lalors deliver a fun and engaging program that provide great tips and strategies on the how to eat healthy and find time for fitness in the busy world of corporate life.  Research has proven that healthy employees are more productive, and creative. We all know that the healthy employee, whether it be physically or emotionally costs the company less in sick days, and doctor’s appointments, and creates a positive attitude. The Lalors have delivered their entertaining lectures on location in Florida as part of an employee rewards package for Commonwealth Financial, and are also available locally.

Sample program: The Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition Plan

“If you workout you will feel better. If you workout AND eat properly you will not only feel better but you will look better”!


  • Losing weight is a science—learn healthy strategies that will guide you towards success! This one hour talk will include guidelines for fitness and nutrition.
  • Learn how to workout smarter and make the most of time dedicated to your fitness.
  • Handouts may include grocery lists, meal planning, recipes, exercises, and suggested reading.

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"Mike and Leanne’s fitness/nutrition class was informative, and their beach boot camp was motivating and fun. All of their sessions were well attended and the feedback from our conference attendees couldn’t have been better!"
—Kathy Lafreniere, Managing Principal, Commonwealth Financial Network